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Package zio

Class Summary
DialogWindow Provides a window that can be used for a continuing dialog with the user.
DisplayWindow This displays some text, an image, or both.
GraphingWindow A window of this kind contains a white, fixed-size canvas on which colored points can be plotted.
InOut This class contains methods for reading and writing entire files: either text files or image files.
Input Provides for text input from files command windows, sockets, character arrays, Strings and File objects.
Output Provides for text output to files, command windows, sockets, character arrays, Strings, and File objects.
ZBox Use this class to make colored boxes which are optionally expandable.
ZButton Implements a onscreen clickable button.
ZCol A ZCol is a vertical slice of a part of a window.
ZComponent Converts JComponents to ZObjects.
ZContainer Base class for slices (ZRows and ZCols) and ZGrids..
Zio The Zio class is a method defining class that contains a potpourri of methods.
ZioShutdown Use this class to alter the zio package's shutdown behavior.
ZKeyboard Defines a area for user input.
ZLabel An unchanging line of text.
ZObject Base class for everything that goes into a ZWindow.
ZPicture A program writeable image area.
ZPixels This, AS YET UNIMPLEMENTED, class will define an area of the screen where you can plot colored points.
ZRow A ZRow is a horizontal slice of a part of a window.
ZSlice Base class for slices (that is ZRows and ZCols)..
ZTextlines A program writeable two-dimensional text area.
ZWindow ZWindows are top level windows known to the operating system.