The Fast Runner

Ethnic Storytelling  

A tale of how good triumphs over evil, Inuit style. Produced by the National Film Board of Canada, directed by an Inuit, acted by Inuits, and written by a team that included Intuits, this film strives for accuracy in depicting the Canadian Artic north of Hudson's Bay more than 1000 years ago. The story is an ancient folk tale whose ending was softened a bit to fit with today's ethics.
The original version of this film was much longer than the version in circulation now. Nuances of the folk tale have apparently been left out. This isn't surprising as almost all available streamed and DVD film have been diddled to fit with what the purveyors think the audience wants. (boo, hiss)
Nevertheless the film is worth watching. For me the snot running down from the noses of the actors attests to its authenticity. (That sounds gross but if you have lived through a really cold winter you know its the real thing.)
J Adrian Zimmer
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