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Watching a feature film or a TV mini-series is fun. So is talking about it. These reviews will provide things to talk about.
Some movies have a twist that is best experienced before it is explained. Since I seldom write about such movies, most of these reviews will cover an entire film. However when it is inappropriate to learn about the ending before seeing the film, I will put any spoiler at the end of my review and mark it very clearly.
My Favorites    link (year released, director, language)
  1. The Power of the Dog    (2021, Jane Campion, English)
  2. The English Patient    (1996, Anthony Minghella, English)
  3. The Debut    (1977, Nouska van Brakel, Dutch)
  4. Poetry    (2010, Chang-dong Lee, Korean)
  5. Grave of the Fireflies    (1988, Isao Takahata, Japanese or English)
  6. More to come.
Ethnic Films    link (year released, ethnicity/nationality, language)
These films are mostly directed, screen-written, and acted by members of the indicated ethnic group.
  1. Difret    (2014, Ethiopian, Amharic)
  2. The Fast Runner    (2001, Inuit, Inuktitut)
  3. Himalaya    (1999, Tibet/Nepal, Dopoli & Nepali)
  4. A Guerra da Beatriz    (2013, East Timor, Tetum & Indonesian)
  5. Do the Right Thing (coming)
  6. Smoke Signals (coming)
These films are often available on DVD which you may be able to check out from you local library or buy. Many libraries also offer film streaming through Hoopla or Kanopy. Of course there are many other streaming possibilities. You can find any of them at
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